Gold Collagen Breast Mask BSP-03

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The combination of micro-mineral (gold) and 3000 Delton short chain 
collagen contain natural healing properties and easily absorbed by the 
skin. The facial mask helps tighten the skin and facilitates the removal
 of toxins. This treatment will instantly brighten the complexion, 
soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and produce a lasting 
youthful glow! 
- Best product for anti-aging, smoothing

- Powerful moisturizer and hydration

- Firming the skin

- Prevent future wrinkles from forming and restores a helthy, radiant complexion

- Enable the skin keep fair, radiant and elastic
1, not be made under the Child Care Department.
2, there are wounds, eczema, abnormal redness, etc. Do not use.
3, do not put near fire or high temperature and humidity, where direct sunlight so as not to lead to deformation or metamorphism.
4, in use, or use red and swollen after, when stimulated, such as abnormal suspended, such as the continued use of the symptoms could get worse as soon as possible to dermatology hospital for treatment.
5, based on the protection of consumer personal hygiene, personal products such returns will not be accepted, thank you!
6, cleaning, use water with a little soap or shower gel and hand washing to avoid thrown into the machine in order to maintain the life of thoracic paste!
7, to wash off excess moisture after, into the transparent box so that it naturally air-dried and then covered with lid.
8, Do not use towels, tissues, such as cleaning paste chest, due to fiber cloth and some silicone adhesive.
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